GE Achilles Bone Densitometer

GE Achilles Bone Densitometer

Refurbished GE DEXA Scanner – Refurbished GE Achilles Portable

As a health professional, you help your patients seek and achieve lasting quality of life. It is you who opens the door to bone health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment or prevention. Achilles* is here to help. It makes proven fracture risk assessment widely accessible. And that’s vital for you and your patients. Achilles offers accurate fracture risk assessment that is comfortable for patients and convenient for operators. All to help you provide better care to more patients.


Clinical confidence is based on many features:

  • Dynamic signal strength compensation allows measurement over a wide range of bone density
  • Bi-directional measurement ensures a consistent reading
  • Measurement site temperature is controlled for more accuracy
  • Results expressed as Stiffness Index — a composite of Speed of Sound (SOS) and Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA) — compensate for the effect of heel width and temperature
  • Real-time image provides visual confirmation of proper heel placement (Achilles Insight only)

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